The working mom

I have officially joined the ranks of the working mom. Having completed two 1/2 days at work, I once again appreciate the weekend!

I was surprised to see an empty calendar when I arrived at my desk. No scheduled meetings, no to-do list, just 4009 new emails that had to be filtered through. My employer suspends the account during maternity leave, but doesn’t de-activate it so I had 98% of emails to file in the junk folder.

Being on my own in the morning, I found myself taking deep breaths. Reacquainting myself with my surroundings and my office space. The best surprise was when I logged on to my computer to find an old desktop photo. Awe…..

My husband and I on our wedding day.


It made me quite emotional to see this photo again even though it hangs in our bedroom and I see it everyday.

My first morning also consisted of a Canadian tradition this time of year. I drank my Tim Hortons coffee and rolled up the rim. They love me SOOOOOO much at Timmy’s that they’ve invited me to play their game once again!

As as the day continued and I caught up with old friends, I was eagerly awaiting three o’clock when I would head to A‘s house to meet up with my little guy. I arrived with my mom so her and A could meet face to face once again.  Unfortunately the arrival of my mom meant that I became chopped liver for my son. He was incredibly excited to see his grandma and just gave me a little smile. Oh well… he knows who his mommy is and I know he loves her.

Next week – four full work days followed by a day off on Friday. My little guy is turning 1!


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