A day at the park

After being back at work full-time for more than a week, the daily schedule is starting to fall into place. Dinners are now much simpler than before and the clean-up takes place after Thomas has gone to bed. My work clothes are picked out at night before I go to bed, and any ironing is done at that time.

Thomas’s backpack is stocked with a fresh change of clothes as well as with the notebook his daycare provider and I exchange every day with notes about what he ate, naps, play, etc.

When I leave in the morning, I know I won’t be seeing him for several long hours. Hours during which he will discover new things, learn new skills and pick up a few new words (one day). Although it sometimes makes me really sad that I’m not there for those things, A is doing all she can to keep me in the loop. I often turn on my computer in the morning, or when I return from lunch, to find an email about how the day’s been progressing. These emails typically contain a photo (or two ) of my little guy doing something fun – as was the case today when he went to the park and played in the sand for the first time.

Yes I live in Ottawa, Canada. Yes it’s  March. But yes, it’s been warm enough this past week to be in shorts and a t-shirt. Heck – I’ve even caught a few people sun-bathing (like my neighbour in the back who wears a Speedo). Regardless, it’s been an amazingly beautiful March. Never before have we had such hot weather this time of year for such a long stretch.

So, my little guy enjoyed his time outside and discovered sand. I wasn’t there to see it with my own eyes, but at least I could look at the pictures and smile.

Thomas and his daycare buddy Carter.

Thomas discovering sand for the first time.


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