Memories to last a lifetime

Can it really be three months since my last post? I knew it had been quite some time, but seriously. Three months?

I don’t have to tell you that Thomas is bigger, smarter and cuter (the last one should have been obvious). It’s a busy life being a mom. I find myself not having much motivation to do all the “really should get around to it” stuff. Blogging has unfortunately also become part of that list. It’s not for lack of ideas, since I often find myself thinking “that’s something I should blog about”, and then something else happens and my motivation evaporates.

But enough about me. Let’s talk Thomas.

He’s a great kid. A super kid. So wonderful that I no longer have a look of disgust when someone asks me if I’ll have another. Although it was always the plan to have two, when he was first born, I used to want to physically assault anyone who asked me about the possibility of an expanding family.

I was hanging out with my mother today and showing her how silly Thomas gets when I tickle his belly with my toes. He goes nuts. She proceeded to tell me “you have to try to remember all those little things.” That’s when I knew I had to start blogging again. I have to remember all the moments that make me smile and make me appreciate life in its new form as a mother. The moments when your heart is going to burst because you’re so proud of your child. For the simple things like splashing in the bathtub, to the more complexe ones like the first time they’re able to pick a piece of food off their plate with a ‘big person’ fork. It’s all these moments of evolution that will soon be forgotten because bigger and more meaningful things (or so we think), start shoving the 17-month-old celebrations aside.

I can’t even begin to imagine just how proud a parent must feel as their child participates in the London 2012 Olympic Games. I cry when the winner is announced. I cry tears of joy alongside the parent whose child has just won – and I don’t even know them. I cry because since the birth of Thomas, my heart gets overwhelmed with emotions I can’t always control. Heck, I even cry when I see the P&G commercial about moms. Ok… I don’t cry ALL the time – just most times.

It’s amazing how being a mother can change a person. I should actually say how becoming a parent changes you – because dad’s are pretty important people too.

I know I will always be proud of my son. When he learns to ride his bike, or wins a medal at a track meet, and even when he heads to school for the first time (yes… I’ll cry then too). It’s just part of the evolution of parenthood i guess.

It’s been way too long since I’ve sat down at my computer and wrote down my memories of Thomas. I must get back to it – so that one day when I’m hanging out with my grandchildren I can remind my son of all the cute little things he would do… and tell him to remember them, because without memories we have nothing.

Thomas watching the London 2012 Olympic Games in his new favourite place: the laundry basket.


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