Reality TV or mockery? My thoughts on Honey Boo Boo

I’m not usually one to write anything controversial but this time I just can’t keep quiet about it.

I won’t be the first to tell you about the new TLC show called Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. I haven’t watched it yet and I’m not sure if I will. I only know it exists because people are talking about it and posting their thoughts on social media. Needing to be ‘in-the-loop’ I took a few minutes the other day to check it out. After seeing just bits of shows, 30 seconds at a time, I was completely devastated.

Here is a little girl who everyone is laughing at. Sure, you might think you’re laughing with her, but you’re not. You’re laughing at her.

I am willing to bet anything that this show will have a negative effect on her life. And it’s not because of her family (don’t get me started on her mother), it will be because of us. Because of society. We imposed this mockery on her.

Sure, it’s entertaining to listen to a girl speak with such a thick accent that the show producers need to place subtitles on the screen. Of course, it’s funny to wait and see what ridiculous thing this feisty six-year-old is going to say next. And yes, there is a bit of fascination surrounding the world of toddler pageants. But for crying out loud people! Can’t you see that this is wrong? It makes me sad to think that we would validate such behaviour and parenting.

We all have our views on good and bad parenting, and I appreciate that eveyone is different and have their own set of values. But clearly something is very wrong here.

I’m not a psychologist. I’m not an expert on parenting. I am however a mom and if I thought for one second that people were laughing at my son the way we are all laughing at Alana, I would be mortified. I think I would cry every day and pray for a chance to start things over.

I typically enjoy TLC shows, but shame on them for making a mockery out of a very sad situation. And if you haven’t for some reason checked out the videos you can find online, here’s a link. I am not posting it to spread the ridicule around – I’m simply including it because I know you’ll look for it anyways. It’s just what we do.


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