Boys and their cars

I was never one to push my son towards a certain kind of toy… but it seems he has a slight serious obsession with cars. Make that anything that has wheels. One of his first words was ‘car-car’. So it’s safe to assume that he’s a typical boy who loves cars of all shapes and sizes. He points them out when we go for walks, while sitting in the back seat of our own car and loves to move them around from place to place throughout the living room. Yes… he lined them up all by himself. A very typical Thomas thing to do.

His favourite place to line them up.

The other day my neighbour was showing off his new car. A black 2012 Chevrolet 300C. It’s his ‘retirement’ treat. Sure… call it what you want but we all know it’s a mid-life crisis purchase. Anyways, Thomas was not interested at all. In fact, he spent more time pointing to the rusty beige car parked at the curb, as opposed to my neighbours new toy.

At least for the time being I can still pick up a used toy from a garage sale and Thomas loves it. Hopefully this lasts for another few years.


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