Walker 1 – Thomas 0

It was bound to happen. He’s a boy and he loves being silly and running around. But really? At 18 months the last thing I wanted was for my son to sport a Chris Neil look. Sure the NHL is in a lockout and people miss seeing the Ottawa Senators’ tough guy, but there’s no need to run into toys at such a high speed that you not only scrape your chin, but you chip your front tooth and pop out another!

This was the case at 3:50pm yesterday just as daycare was winding down. Thomas was having so much fun with his little buddy Carter that he apparently didn’t see a walker-type toy when he turned around and smacked right into it.

Not usually a big deal, but I guess the angle at which he collided was just the worst. A chipped tooth is all that was noticeable at first. OK, I can live with that as it wasn’t too serious. But upon further inspection last night, I realized another tooth was in pretty bad shape. This morning, that tooth was gone. Hmm…

Needless to say when I realized just how badly he must have hurt yesterday I burst into tears. This is my little guy. My first-born child who was so perfect despite the bruises and scrapes and badly cut hair. Losing a tooth? Come on!

I know another one will grow to take its place, but in FIVE years. Can Christmas photos really wait that long? Tomorrow we’re heading to the dentist to see just what sort of damage took place – if any (other than the chip and loss of the pearly white).

One day we’ll look back on this day and laugh. One day Thomas will use this story to impress the ladies. And one day my daycare provider will stop beating herself up for this, because it really wasn’t her fault.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Thomas is still the cutest little boy there ever was.


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