The day the tooth came out

You learn many things as a parent. For example: you can live on little or no sleep, children’s programming isn’t just for children, and most of all, you learn to be thankful.

One week ago I thought my little guy had lost his tooth. What I didn’t know (and learned), is that an infant tooth can completely retract itself back into the gum when an impact is significant enough to do so. This was the case with Thomas.

I was completely wrong in my previous post when I thought he had chipped a tooth and popped out the other. That would have been a blessing. Instead, we found out his tooth had been pushed all the way back into his gum and was now going to start coming out again – but it would never be straight.

For those of you in Ottawa, I highly recommend Dr. Mapes at the Kids and Teens dental office. She, along with her staff, are the nicest I’ve ever met. Heck, they make me want to go to the dentist! But back to my story… Thomas’s tooth was going to grow back in – but crooked. It would most likely impact the way he eats and the way the other teeth come in. So the only option (as was the case on Friday, Oct. 5) was to have this little rebel tooth removed.

As an adult, I very much dislike having my mouth frozen for fillings. It’s painful, an awful feeling, and if given the option (without the pain of course), I would opt against having a large needle jabbed into the roof of my mouth. Thomas had no choice, and neither did we. I have never heard such a scream coming from my little guy’s mouth. It was unbearable.

Thankfully his daddy was there to assist and hold him down while I rubbed his arm and cried.

And so, the tooth came out.

I won’t go into details as to how they managed to get it out, but I will tell you that Thomas is stubborn and has a very strong jaw. I will also tell you that Dr. Mapes apparently has fingers of steel.

In the end, Thomas is much happier than he was a few days ago. This tooth no longer bothers him and when he looses his shit while eating dinner, I know it’s just him being a toddler and that he’s not in pain.

On a final note, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am very thankful. I am thankful to have a loving and caring family and  a healthy little boy who will need braces when he grows up – just like most of the other kids out there. I am thankful for my life and every one in it.

Thomas and his daddy.

Happy Thanksgiving.