The new search for Mary Poppins

I had the perfect daycare provider. Friendly, caring, always smiling and Thomas simply adored her. But last night ‘A’ informed me that she had to close her daycare as of December 1, 2012 in order to care for her mother. A very understandable reason, but one that simply broke my heart.

It’s so difficult as a first-time parent to find someone you trust enough to care for your child. Believe me, letting go of my crazy mommy temperament was not an easy thing to do, but after finding ‘A’ (and her sense of humour), I let my guard down. She was my first Mary Poppins.

So now I must find another.

Do we go with a daycare centre? Do we try to find another home daycare? Should we expect the same quality that ‘A’ was able to provide us… or was she just that amazing and we’ll never find someone as great?

I know Thomas will adapt without any problems. He’s just that kind of kid. Mister easy-going, friends with everyone, loves life as long as a truck is involved. You get the picture right?

But my goodness! Spending a few minutes online this evening searching for a new group has me baffled. Do you really think I will send my child to your daycare if you can’t tell me how great you are? I think the following should not be something to brag about because it’s standard:

  • Healthy snacks and meal
  • Play area with toys
  • Learning activities

Really? That’s what your daycare is all about? Well if that’s the case, sign me up because you must be the best caregiver in the world! OK… I realize I’m being a little bitter, but come on folks! Providing my child with food and toys does not set you apart.

And so the search will continue. Although we have until December 1 to find a new bunch of friends, Thomas will have to leave his current daycare in mid-November so that he has enough time to integrate before his daddy and I head off on vacation. Yes… we finally booked our trip. Cuba, one-week, all-inclusive, adults only.


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