A new chapter

After visiting many daycares – some of which I didn’t even want to spend more than 1 minute in, we had given up. My daycare provider suggested I give a larger centre a call. It has a great program and a good reputation among the daycare community. So I dialed the number and was told there was no immediate spot for Thomas – however there was a possibility that one would open up in November when a child could potentially move from the little kid room to the big kid room.

And so I was hopeful. We crossed our fingers (and toes) and waited for the good news. That good news came via phone call on Monday. Thomas had a spot as of November 1. Not a lot of prep time, but it was an opportunity we couldn’t refuse.

So tomorrow is a brand new chapter in our parenting lives. It’s a day when Thomas moves from a daycare of 3 little munchkins to one of 80. OMG. That’s quite the change. I’m sure he’ll adapt very well and it will be tremendously positive for him. Needless to say tonight I feel like I’m heading back to school tomorrow. His bag is packed. The checklist of what to bring has been checked. And soon he’ll have brand new friends… and a runny nose!

My hope is that once in a while I still get to see ‘A’ and Thomas still gets to play with his little buddy. Who knows, maybe they’ll be besties for life!


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