The seven-week comparison

I was able to look back on my life with Thomas thanks to this blog. The seven-week marker was much different with Thomas (Sleeping at the wheel).

James is an easy enough baby to put down at night. He doesn’t need to be on the boob for what seems like hours at a time. It’s really a much simpler process: feed, swaddle, put down, sleep. Thomas was quite the opposite.

Where James also differs is that he’s making me wait and work damn hard for that first true smile. Reading the post about Thomas he was all smiles and giggles at this time – but not James. There’s a little cooing and sometimes as he falls asleep a smile sneaks out, but I have yet to trigger one by talking to him or smiling at him. Ahh… it will be a fantastic moment when that happens, and when it does I’m positive he’ll have the same cute little dimples that his big bro has.

I must admit however that he is however being much more cooperative when it comes to being on a mat by himself or enjoying a few minutes of his bouncy chair. Although I still have to carry him around quite a bit during the day, I can sense he’s starting to enjoy a little more independence which is great – because it’s impossible to empty the dishwasher with 9 pounds of baby strapped to you.

Holding back that smile.


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