The difference one week makes

Shortly after writing my last post, I was surprised by a few exciting new ‘firsts’ with James…

1. The first smile is always one that comes unexpectedly and is the most appreciated and loved of all.
2. James decided he now sleeps between 3.5 and 4 hours when he’s first put down to bed in the evening – giving daddy and I some well-deserved time to ourselves.

The first smile.

The first smile.

But while things seem to be getting easier at times, there are also moments when I wonder what I was thinking having a second child, then I wonder about the sanity of the first, and then I want to few moments to myself. Those few moments are usually spent standing in the shower under hot, hot water. It’s the only place in the house that I’m able to block everything out and take those few selfish moments for myself.

The other night all three of my boys were in the living room and I decided it was time to take a boys-only photo. Thomas was in a great mood as was James. Within moments… James started to cry and Thomas became uncooperative. This is the result.

A moment in my life.

A moment in my life.

Even though I sometimes want to escape everything… this photo cracks me up and reminds me to have a good solid laugh when things get a little too nuts for my liking.


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