I know what I like

The other day my mother was over visiting my and the boys. She picks Thomas up from daycare every Monday and often takes about an hour or so to stick around and play with Thomas and now see James.

James was spending time on his activity mat – which he’s actually been enjoying quite a bit lately.

My mom couldn’t resist picking up this little munchkin and give him a snuggle. Moments later James started to howl. My mother was so upset. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “You moved him,” I replied.

You see, James is really starting to entertain himself and doesn’t always need to be in my arms. And that’s great, but sometimes I need to move him to bring him with me to another room – and that doesn’t always bode well with him. He gets quite upset when he’s enjoying himself and we take him away from his entertainment.

The same thing will happen when he’s hanging out in his crib watching his jungle animal mobile. If you let the animals stop dancing you’ll hear about it!

Although it can sometimes be a challenge, I love the fact that he knows what he wants and tells us when we’ve crossed the line. I’m not sure how much I’ll love this when he hits his terrible twos… only time will tell.


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