When the sun comes up

Despite being completely in love with his baby, Thomas did have a few behavioural changes when James entered our lives.

For one, he can’t stand to miss a single thing that occurs in our household. That means he now gets his potty in the bathroom and brings it into the living room where he does what he needs to do. The proof…

Potty Time

Potty Time

Although this annoys me somewhat – especially when it’s poop time and I’m still eating dinner and he needs to be as close to me as possible – it was a relief that we didn’t have to go back to potty training. He’s even accident-free overnight which has been amazing. The only downside is that I almost tripped over a full potty hanging out in the middle of the hallway at 3 a.m. when I went to feed James the other night. We’ve now set up a night light in the bathroom so the potty can stay there and not be moved to the hallway where there’s more light!

The more annoying aspect of behavioural changes was when he decided he wanted to come in to our room in the morning for a little snuggle when he woke. So adorable at first. I loved snuggling with my big boy. But the the 7 a.m wakeup became 6:45, then 6:30 and even 6. The problem is I don’t really sleep when he’s next to me. He pokes me in the eye, kicks, rolls around, takes up all the room – you get it right?

And although I’m a pretty firm mom, I really didn’t have the energy or willpower to battle him back to bed for fear he would scream and James would wake up. Really not what I wanted.

So we came across the GroClock!

My new best friend.

My new best friend.

It’s a great little clock that you set to change from the stars to the sun when it’s time for the child to ‘wake-up’ or in our case leave his bed and come to ours. There’s also a naptime setting which has also taken away the ‘you need to keep resting’ conversation that was becoming quite common.

For Thomas it’s a great game. He gets to look at the clock and now knows that he wakes when the sun wakes. For mommy, it means I can gently remind him that he can come for snuggles when he sees the sun. That almost guarantees me a 7 a.m. wake time – unless of course James wakes earlier and invites the entire house to join in on the party.

I initially thought the $50 price range was high… but there really is not price tag one can put on rest and sanity is there?


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