Six months of brotherly love

James has been growing up so quickly these days. He’s rolling onto his belly but still doesn’t know how to roll back, he loves to eat everything although I’m suspecting an intolerance to zucchini of all things!

Thomas has become an incredible big brother. He’s caring and considerate. He’s starting to share his toys, although it’s what I’ll refer to as selective sharing. I’m eager and dreading the day James can actually crawl around and grab some of Thomas’s toys. The sharing will probably end there.

The other day we were heading to Ottawa Race Weekend where daddy was about to run a 10KM race. We were in downtown Ottawa and in a bit of a rush, so I decided to sit Thomas in the double stroller with James. Within an instant, Thomas reached over and took James’s hand in his. He held it the entire way the the start line. My heart burst with love – and this is a dangerous thing since it’s making me consider a third.

I know this love will sometimes be hidden by the fights, annoyances, frustration, etc. But right now, seeing how much Thomas loves his little bro makes me think adding more little people to our family might be the way to go.

I’m also hesitant to put this thought on paper since just a few months ago I was satisfied with my two. Only two. No more.

Only time will tell.


At the races with daddy.

At the races with daddy.


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