Back to school… I mean work.

Today has been bittersweet. I turned 32, spent the day with my son and a really good friend followed by a nice meal out with my husband. But it’s bittersweet because tomorrow morning at 5:40am my new life begins. The one where I rush to get ready in the morning, give Thomas his bottle, dress him, shower, do my hair, makeup, try to sneak in a bite to eat and head out the door for work.

Although I’m looking forward to returning to the daily 8-4 grind, a part of me will miss my pyjamas until 9am when Thomas goes down for a nap and I head into the shower. That same part will miss watching Jeff Hutcheson‘s Things I Learned on the Internet Today segment at 7:40am. And, that same little part will miss hearing a peep coming from upstairs as Thomas wakes from his naps.

But a different part of me looks forward to seeing my colleagues and doing more than sweeping the floor five times a day. I also look forward to taking the bus once in a while and being able to get lost in my thoughts as I listen to my iPod. I also really look forward to sharing stories with my husband during dinner time that don’t start with “So today Thomas…”

Tonight however I feel like I’m heading back to high school after summer vacation. I’ve meticulously packed my lunch, put out the clothes I plan on wearing and made sure all I need for my first day back is in my bag – including a pack of gum. I have tummy jitters and have no idea if I’ll even sleep tonight (I’m usually in bed by this time). Come tomorrow I’ll be welcomed by the smiles of old friends, but it will still be a new life.

So for now I head off to bed and hope that tomorrow goes smoothly. Here’s to a good 32nd year.