The day the tooth came in

A few weeks earlier than his big bro, today at lunch is the first time I felt a little chunk of tooth in that beautifully swelled gum.

James has been suffering for about two weeks now and I knew they were coming, but as I learned with Thomas: this isn’t a one day in next day out kinda thing. Teething has also resulted in excessive irritability and my twice-a-night waker is now waking several more times. The nights have been brutal and we’re actually worried we’re creating bad habits for James by going in all the time.

Thomas learned well and early on to sooth himself. But James is a completely other story right now. He went from falling asleep on his own for naps to needing extra snuggles. Not sure if it’s the teeth or just because he loves me so much. Hmm…. that’s a hard one to figure out! Probably a bit of both.

And so the snuggles will continue until he’s doing a little better with his sleep.

As for the getting around… he’s doing amazing on his tummy. Pushes himself backwards and works so hard to get a toy that’s out of reach. Problem is, he still hasn’t figured out how to get from his tummy to his back. Argh! It’s the most frustrating thing since I constantly have to go to him and help him out. If not, he stays on his tummy and cries until snot starts coming out of his nose and his eyes get all puffy. I know this because I’ve tried to ‘let him figure it out’. It’s just not working.

He’s the cutest little guy and he’s definitely Thomas’s new best friend. Giggling at his brother’s silliness has sealed the deal.

James, June 20

What’s for lunch?

Oh, and he loves his toes.


A tooth, a crawl and a moustache?

November 1 was a day of milestones in our household. We caught a glimpse of my little guy’s very first tooth! It’s a very exciting day for us since we aren’t lying anymore when we say that tooth is coming (we’ve been saying it for the past 4 months). I also know the second one is not very far behind. The teething hasn’t changed affected his mood too much. What’s been a pain however is the horrible eye infection he’s developed. It’s icky, red and pussy. Yuck. Thankfully he’s now on antibiotics and it already looks better than it did last night.

Thomas is also at the very start of his crawling adventures moving a few feet at a time. Even with this little movement he’s everywhere! I was warned that this day would come. I guess it’s finally here.

And while Thomas is growing teeth and learning to crawl, his father is growing a mustache. It’s all part of Movember – when men across the country, and the world, grow their Burt Reynolds in an effort to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer. I think it’s a good idea… but I also think that just talking about it won’t change outcomes. I believe it would be much more effective if every man who took part in Movember also added a checkup as one of their goals.

Our family has been recently touched by prostate cancer through the diagnosis of an uncle, so the cause hits close to home and we’re not alone. According to Prostate Cancer Canada (the beneficiary of Movember), more than 25,000 Canadian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year.  More than 4,000 will die from the disease.

I’m not sure how I’ll feel about the new look my husband will be sporting at the end of the month, but I do know that his efforts in fundraising for cancer (for the second time this year) will help. It is my hope that Thomas will never have to worry about cancer.